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Tuesday 1.11.16

Proofs arrive for the catalogue of the forthcoming exhibition at Panter & Hall

R goes to the Museum of Gloucester to help dismantle the exhibition


Wednesday 2.12.16

R sends the proofs back and I continues helping with the dismantling  of the Gloucester exhibition.


Thursday 3.11.16

To the Pump Rooms for the Tercentenary of the founding of Cheltenham as a Spa town organised by the Civic Society and the Friends of The Wilson. The Pump Rooms look resplendent - full of a myriad circular tables. It’s celebrating handing over the Captain Skillimore  (seen as the founder of the Spa) portrait purchased with a bequest to the Friends  at auction then restored, before hanging in the Wilson as part of the Borough Council’s collection. So a giclée of the work is presented to the Mayor. There is also a musical interlude by the Harpsichord Collective playing works of the period by Thomas Arne and Geminiani and a witty ‘Dramatic Interlude’ by John Simpson performed by the Rococco Players, enlightening us on the key players in the town, Lady Frances Stapleton and George111 etc. Elizabeth Skillimore his young wife (who owned the land on which the spa waters were found and Pigeonella. In the space between  we circulate and I get the chance to take Julie Finch CEO of the Cheltenham Trust over to meet Sir Michael McWilliam to discuss ideas.


Friday 4.11.16

R returns ‘La Prunelle de mes Yeux  to  the Royal  West  of England  Academy who had kindly loaned to my exhibition at The Museum of Gloucester.


Sunday 6.11.16

R drives to Sussex to deliver back Big Race and Cheese Rolling to their owners

who also kindly loaned them to the Museum.


Saturday 19.11.16

Tony and Stephen’s party in Gloucester


Saturday 25.11.16

Working throughout the day and night finishing off works for the exhibition at Panter & Hall which Richard will deliver on Monday


Sunday 26.11.16



Monday 28.11.16

R went up to London in a big van with the exhibition on board whilst I sleep (having worked through the night till 7.45am).

Later whilst working in my studio I hear Martin ( talking about the painting that the National Gallery want to purchase from Earl Cadogan. Martin’s written lots of books on Van Gogh, the most recent, just published, on the little yellow house in Arles. He was originally an award winning Journalist on the Observer where he won a ‘Journalist of the Year’ for investigating sanctions busting in Rhodesia.


Tuesday 29.11.16

Finishing new pieces ex catalogue Refining round the edges etc.


Wednesday 30.11.16