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August 2021


Sunday 1.8.21

Lovely to see Jane who has come bringing  her friends Professor Richard and Ann who is an artist for tea in the tent and a glimpse of the studio.


Monday 2.8.21

Very excited when Richard tells me a big box has arrived from Japan which when opened reveals several samples of each of the new merchandising that the Morohashi Museum has had produced for their gift shop, inspired by my work. Even tea that changes colour with the addition of lemon called ‘Metamorphosis’ after my painting of the same name. Three beautiful bracelets inspired by ‘TheFleet’ and wonderful shocking pink scarves with the image of ‘Stepping Out’ screen printed onto it. Notebook covers and badges inspired by ‘Big City’ and ‘Deadline’; lots of flyers and posters for the current show called Stepping Out which features Dali, de Chirico, Ernst, Miro, Masson and me all from their permanent collection. and four books on Dali from their last two exhibitions.


Tuesday 3.8.21

Lovely encouraging e mail from Beth at Panter & Hall saying that the paintings are absolutely beautiful and what a fantastic exhibition it will all make.


Wednesday 4.8.21

As well as working on finishing off pieces for the exhibition, I’m trying to complete work on a commission for two collectors who are coming to the studio on Thursday.

I probably shouldn’t allow my self so long in the garden but I know how important it is to savour it during these summer months and how good it is for ones equilibrium pottering about dead-heading and just generally enjoying it, as well as eating most of our meals outside sometimes means I’m later into the studio than I should be.  I so enjoyed having firstly our own red currents to top my breakfast, then the black currents and red gooseberries and now raspberries and early blackberries. Today the first two plums.

Which means I work until 5am on the canvas that they are coming to view….


Thursday 5.8.21

…this morning. The clients come to view their commission and are pleased.


Friday 6.8.21

Sue and Andy pop in so good to see them after so long.


Sunday 15.8.21

Oh dear, we’ve overslept having burned so much midnight oil and are too late to drive over to Owlpen for Nicky and Karin’s At Home.

I’m still working on the Metronome …


Monday 16.8.21

… Give up at 6am then after a couple of hour’s sleep do another couple of hours before Richard photographs it again and sends it to the gallery. .


Thursday 19.8.21

Proofs arrive for the catalogue. We take them over to studio to compare with actual paintings and they are good but all rather darker than the original.  But then that is why we get sent the proofs.  Richard sends them back to the printer with notes and photographs of them held next to the paintings. I continue with the garden painting I started six weeks ago that may be used on the card.


Friday 20.8.21

Very excited as the presents I had ordered, a beautiful garden set of a sofa two chairs and two tables from Habitat for my sister Gill yesterday, are ready fr Richard to collect. Also  the beautiful black ad white poufée for Nathan. They all manage to fit in the car!


Saturday 21.8.21

R makes two beautiful birthday cakes, one banana the other cherry, as tomorrow we’re off on our expedition.


Sunday 22.8.21

Richard’s managed to pack everything into the car including the metal Indian painted coffee table for Nathan, all beautifully wrapped apart from the garden chairs and sofa which wear a big bow. It’s a lovely day with just the occasional shower as we drive to Blunham where Gill lives in a beautiful old manor house where John Donne used to stay when he had the living of the church opposite while he was Dean of St Paul’s. We arrive about 3.30 and Gill comes to the gate to greet us. Today is her birthday and this is the first time we ave been here for a couple of years.

The garden looks glorious and this is where we sit to have a lovely meal of ciabatta she had made and sun dried tomatoes followed by grilled sole and new potatoes and finally a courgette cake with a soft cheese and yogurt topping with lemon zest. Gill and I then wander round this blissful garden then later go to admire the antique carved wooden dining chairs that Ian has re-upholstered having asked advice from Richard which he said he found very helpful.  Then down into what was the ancient cellar now converted into a high tech gym.

Before we leave we light the candles on the birthday cake Richard has made then  drive to the flat in Blackheath London.


Monday 23.8.21

Drive to Ramsgate arriving just before 1. It’s so good to see Nathan and Clementine again in their beautiful Ramsgate house. They are surprised when they see the two large parcels and some smaller ones too. AND the painting which Nathan has waited patiently for, painted whilst he was a boy of he and Henrietta playing chess. He’s always known it was for him whilst the sister painting again of them both is for Henrietta. He has prepared a light lunch of avocado, egg and smoked salmon which we eat in te smaller garden dining room at the end of the kitchen and thye open their belated anniversary (2nd August) presents - mainly Habitat bedding. He then has a zoom call with the director on one of the films he’s working on. Clem and I have a walk along the sea front while Richard has a nap. The highlight is the hanging of the painting he is so pleased with and how right it looks it’s iust as if the room had been decorated especially for it in the evening he  cooks a fresh sea trout for dinner outside in his smoker which they serve with sea weeds that they have foraged for after doing a course. We leave at about 10 pm and drive back to Blackheath.


Tuesday 24.8.21

After admiring our russet apple tree and the garden and doing a quick look at the new room Henrietta and Kev had painted next door, which looked beautiful, as do the runners we’ve bought for them in the hall. We are greeted by Doris  the cat who’s ver pleased when I give her a handful of treats from the cupboard. We ten set out for Cheltenham and are home by the evening when I need to commence work on Jardin du Temps as they need the image for the card by Thursday as their designer Strule is moving house on Friday.


Wednesday 25.8.21

Work solidly on Jardin du Temps right through until 6am when luckily it’s light enough for Richard to take a photo to send to the gallery ad their designer.


Friday 27.8.21

Henrietta, Kev, Isaac and Samuel arrive at about 9.30 pm on their way back from Devon it  such a joy to see them all looking so happy and well after their holiday.

Richard has cooked dinner on the barbecue again. We try ringing Nathan to no avail but he then ring us back so we are able to sing happy Birthday. They have friends staying and have been for a swim in the sea today.


Saturday 28.8.21

It is so good to have the whole day with them before they leave for London after another meal in the tent which includes a rhubarb (from the garden) crumble I have made with Samuel in mind and some ad lib chocolate cookies for Isaac.


Sunday 29.08.21

Busy completing works for the show.


Monday 30.8.21

Working hard on finishing paintings when suddenly realise I need to paint a small work for the RWA’s charity secret postcard on line auction!  So……………………


 ….. work through until 5am when Richard photographs it to send the image to  the RWAas it was supposed to arrive physically today!